Scarborough Beach Surf School
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Learn To Surf Perth Western Australia          Since 1986

Scarborough Beach and Leighton Beach create the best conditions for surfing lessons in the Perth Metro area and the waves are famous for being suitable for surfers of all abilities at any time of year. 

  • 2.5 Hour Surf Lesson - (1.5 hours isn't long enough!)

  • Includes use of Surfboard, Wetsuit & Sunscreen

  • Beginners - Intermediate - Advanced

  • Adults Surf Classes or Kids Classes (11 to 15 Years)

Are you looking for surfing lessons in Perth?

Scarborough Beach Surf School is the oldest Surf School in the world!

Established back in 1986 by local Scarborough surfers.

The first surf lessons were initially conducted from Scarborough Beach on Saturday Mornings, during school holidays and during the week with some local schools.

The surf lesson structures and surf programs used all those years ago at Scarborough Beach Surf School became the blueprint for the current day Surf School Licensing Program used by Surfing Australia and they have implemented this same program all over Australia.

A Surf Program that was then duplicated Internationally by the International Surfing Association. (ISA)

28 years later there are now over 100 surf schools working around Australia and hundreds more all over the world, using the same system of coaching developed at Scarborough Beach Surf School all those years ago.


Surfing is easy with Scarborough Beach Surf School

Surfing Lessons with the largest Surf School in Western Australia. 

Scarborough Beach Surf Lesson 

Surf lessons at Scarborough Beach

Surfing Lessons Perth

Learn to surf at Perth’s most popular beach, which is the heart of WA’s Sunset Coast and a “must see” for any visitor to Perth.

Our coaches grew up on this beach and have many years experience in the local wave conditions. This helps to ensure a safe surfing experience for our students. 


  • Surfboards & O'Neill Wetsuits

  • Qualified Local Surf Instructors

  • 2.5 Hour Surf Lessons (1.5hrs isn't long enough!)
Leighton Beach Surf lesson 

Surfing Lessons Leighton Beach

Every winter we move our Surf lessons to Leighton Beach.

Leighton is 15 minutes drive south of Scarborough and the waves here are much smaller which makes it easy to learn to surf.

Leighton Beach only works in winter because of our big winter westerly swells. The perfect beach for our winter surf lessons.

The sea water temp. is a barmy(crazy) 20c (70F) in winter...

In summer Leighton is a great swimming beach! (flat like a pancake). That's why we move back to Scarborough Beach...


  • Local Surf Instructors

  • Surfboards & Warm 4mm Full Steamer O'Neill Wetsuits

  • Surf Safety & Awareness

Click for more Information Leighton Beach Surf lessons

Adult Surfing Course 

Safe Surfing ProgramSave $75

Our Adult's Surf Course package lets students complete a Surfing Australia Surf Course, which has been developed nationally during the last 20 years.

We care about our students’ surfing progress. In each surf lesson we give you new challenges and get you riding different surfboards.

In advanced levels we teach people how to ride and look after fibreglass surfboards.

Click on a Course for more Information: Level 1 - Level 2 - Level 3 - Level 4

Kids Surf Courses 

Included in our Kids Surf Courses

  • Use of our safe Softboard Surfboards and warm wetsuits
  • Teaching your kids confidence in the surf
  • Love for the ocean environment
  • Fundamental surfing skills
  • Basic ocean awareness
  • Beach safety knowledge

Weekends and school holidays everyday  - Bookings essential

Pick the days that suit you...Up to you... Weekends or two one week three the next? Or five in a row.

5 x Levels - Students will receive a Safe Surfing Certificate at the completion of each Course.

Click on Course for more Information: Level 1 - Level 2 - Level 3 - Level 4 

Leighton Beach October School Holiday Surfing Lessons Click Here

Scarborough Summer School Holiday Surfing Lessons Click Here

Legends 5 Hour surf lesson


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Legend Surfing Lesson Perth

Our 'Legends' Surf lesson was designed for people who want to surf till they are so 'surfed out' that they have a good excuse to lie on their couch and 'Veg' out all afternoon!

A very popular lesson for the surf-stoked!

You will have two different surf lessons and we will give you new challenges and get you riding different surfboards in each lesson.

In advanced levels we teach people how to ride and 'shred' on our Rip Curl fibreglass surfboards.

'Surf Lingo' Definitions

  • 'Surfed Out'Exausted, worn out, dog-tired.
  • 'Veg' -  Relaxed to a point of complete inertia.
  • 'Shred'To surf extremely well!
  • 'Surf Lingo' -  A foreign language to most non-surfers?

Click on 'Legends' here for more Information or to book.

Surfing Australia Surf School

Find us at Scarborough Beach

Scarborough Beach Surf School     ABN: 73776977878

PO Box 1155 The Esplanade Scarborough 6922 Western Australia

Phone: 08 9447 5637

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